Connectivity & Satellite

Connectivity & Satellite

QSat makes it simple to ensure your business offers the correct communications infrastructure. Our unique experience of building today’s most reliable and secure networks, both public and private, provides the foundation for a winning project delivery strategy every time.

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How we help your business:

  • VSAT for Enterprise, Maritime, and Offshore

    QSat has more than a decade of VSAT experience in the Enterprise, Maritime, and Offshore sectors, serving a wide range of sites and vessels operating across our world’s oceans. Whether you are scaling a business upward or working in the most remote and rugged locations on the planet, you can be confident in the communication links that serve as a lifeline. We facilitate positive outcomes by providing various solutions through shared and dedicated services, including redundant backups when necessary.

    Maritime & Offshore

    Our Maritime connective solution uses high-speed VSAT terminals and sector-specific antennas and equipment with our state-of-the-art integrated hub platform to delivery continuous broadband communications for passengers and crew. This solution works with HTS and wide-beam satellites to ensure automatic and transparent beam switching for seamless coverage.

    QSat provides spectrally efficient and powerful VSATs that can integrate easily with existing antennas and infrastructure.

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  • Wireless Services

    QSat installs and supports single and multi-haul links to corporations to offer reliable connectivity through our industry-leading wireless and Wi-Fi point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions.

    Our wireless services cover link planning and designing, installation and integration, and safety site management. We provide inclusive on-site maintenance and full project management to ensure that all health requirements and associated regulations are met to your satisfaction.

  • Corporate VPN

    A business with multiple locations has unique communications challenges to meet. You need to have a cost-effective solution that is effective enough to maintain the security of your intellectual property without compromising your delivery speed with customers.

    QSat provides broadband solutions that integrate your headquarters with branch offices around the world using our MPLS-based network.

    This option offers the cost benefits of a traditional virtual private network without the security risk of managing a router. Our team provides your private network or VPN and the routers for you.

    Our corporate VPN services cover traffic priorities to ensure your critical data receives preference on your network. We guarantee the speed and end-to-end control of the bandwidth with an uptime of 99.95%. Around-the-clock monitoring of latency, connection quality, and use come with our industrial-grade Service Level Agreement.

    QSat provides flexible and scalable corporate VPN services that include static IP addresses. This structure allows us to address today’s needs while planning for tomorrow’s success.

  • GSM Backhauling

    QSat provides a GSM backhauling solution that allows mobile network operators to expand their services rapidly and affordably. This end-to-end service includes state-of-the-art VSAT hubs and terminals that will enable every business to experience the benefits of an authentic LTE performance.

    This service operates with multi-spot beam satellites so that it is ready to address the communications needs of every corporation in the future. Its cloud-based architecture enables a smooth migration to 5G.

    Now is the time to consider what the future of your business communications needs to be. QSat can help you to find the answers you need through our full range of service options.


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Connecting you to the world through constant innovation and dedicated support.

Leading with Pride

QSat Communications (QSAT) is highly regarded for delivering flawless global solutions for corporations and government entities. In meeting their growing needs, our portfolio has expanded considerably in recent years.

Innovative Technology

We can play an important role in improving efficiency with cutting edge technology, offering dependable advice. Whether you need us as a catalyst, advisor, or an extension of your existing IT department, we can build a solution around your exacting requirements.

Workforce support

We believe that supporting your workforce is so much more than a blend of remote work and technical support – it’s about ensuring you have secure, accessible, reliable and highly effective technology, platforms and systems working faultlessly around the clock.

Affordable, business grade solutions

We work with businesses throughout all stages, from concept creation to installation, testing, monitoring and ongoing support. Our mission is to help you make the most of intelligent communications, helping your company continue to evolve.


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Secure, Resilient and Reliable Communications Solutions

Consultation & Experience Management

With a deep commitment to deliver the right services and level of support for your operations, we work collaboratively from concept to implementation, providing the capacity, security and scalability to fulfill your aspirations.

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Connectivity & Satellite

QSat makes it simple to ensure your business offers the correct communications infrastructure. Our unique experience of building today’s most reliable and secure networks.

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Professional Services

QSat provides a team of professional engineering experts that works with our global support system to take on any challenge your business may experience.

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